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Fee Schedule: Welcome

Services & Therapies

Rosemary Sprig


& Phone Consults.

Mind-Body Medicine: using the body's symptoms and outward displays to understand how the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are affected.


Botanical and Herbal Medicine

Naturopathic Manipulation

Diet & Nutritional Counseling

Lifestyle Counseling

New patient visits

              Detailed & cover every organ system and patient history. New patient appointments typically last approximately 1 hour, sometimes lasting longer, depending on the patient's need (patient is billed accordingly).

Naturopathic Follow-up

                Review Lab results, monitor progress, develop a strategy for care, typical appointment is 30-45 minutes. If the patient needs longer will be billed accordingly.


Insurance Accepted:

Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield



United Health/oxford



If your insurance is not listed, please call about other discounted programs.

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