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HPV, DHEA & Cancer!

These two images are of HPV electron microscope and of DHEA's chemical structure.

I want to discuss something very important to me. How smart and intelligent our human bodies are. They are so smart and intelligent, that they protect us and try to keep our bodies in line with homeostasis, to fight off cancers, and correct or at least maintain the ability to keep going.

Today, I am thanking my body for doing just that. It propels me forward everyday to keep up with my active children. It bends at my will to pick them up, clean up after them, chase them, help them with their bruises, cuts and scrapes and manage their needs.

Today, I am thanking your body for protecting you, and for you to take notice when you don't feel well.

This brings me to a new patient.

This wonderful woman came into my office, seeking help for weight that she just couldn't shake off. She is strong, fit, and doing everything right. There were some other minor complaints too, like fatigue and irritability. She is working on her mental state, making sure that it is positive/optimistic, and yet feels all the feels of the emotions. She saw doctors before me, who could not find out what was going on.

She has abnormal paps in the past, she has a history of two leap procedures. These procedures are generally for cervical cancers or abnormal cells. She was HPV positive (for pathogenic strains). The only treatment she ever received for these ailments was the leap procedures. No internal work to help the body get rid of the HPV. No diet, counseling, or check up on hormones or anything of the kind.

We ran some blood work, looking into hormones and basic blood work that I typically run. From this we got our guns smoking.

Things that came back that triggered me: Thyroid issues, specially a type of auto-immune thyroiditis called Hashimoto's which is pretty typical amongst women these days, and her DHEA level was high. When DHEA is high it typically is responsible for secondary male characteristics in Females, it has an association with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), which my patient does not have, and a new one to me...

I couldn't stop questioning to myself why her DHEA was high. So, what did I do? I took to PUBMED and researched. It turns out that DHEA elevates when HPV (the negative strains) are circulating. The DHEA is a PROTECTIVE mechanism the body utilizes so that pathogenic harmful strains of HPV cannot proliferate and start the process of forming cancer!


Now, I am amazed at what the body can do with a little push in the right direction, I have watched HPV positive, Carcinoma In Situ reverse, and become Normal upon pap results utilizing a treatment called "escharotic"...

This is where the tissues are literally being burned off or digested by enzymatic activity. While doing this procedure, the treatments involved would pull the virus to the surface and breakdown those harmful cells and clear the HPV. This is by far one of my favorite procedures to do, it is just so cool to me, to watch the body do its thing. You can actually see the changes from one treatment to the next and it just puts me in awe.

Back to my patient. She was not thrilled at what I was telling her. But She was coming up on a followup with that doc to see how her cervix was. We incorporated a protocol to help the body clear the virus and heal the body and its functioning.

She recently emailed me just to update, after that visit (her 2nd visit) We incorporated some herbs, nutrients and a homeopathic remedy. She did not yet start two of the three herbs I recommended, but was already feeling a shift in her functioning, mood and overall wellbeing.

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