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For this Valentine's Day, Spice it up with Damiana...

Here is a recipe, that everyone should try once. If you can not have alcohol, the process will be the same the only difference is you will heat the water in the second part/phase and essentially burn the alcohol off (meaning evaporate it).

Damiana Chocolate Love Liqueur

(Adapted from Rosemary Gladstar’s Family Herbal book)


1 ounce damiana

2 cups vodka or brand

1.5 cups spring water

1 cup honey

1 vanilla bean – chopped

Rose Hydrosol

Chocolate Syrup

Almond Extract


1. Soak Damiana in the alcohol for five days, Strain and save the liquid in a bottle.

2. Soak the damiana you removed from the alcohol in spring water for 3 days – Strain and gently warm the water extract over low heat to dissolve the honey into it.

3. Remove the pan from the heat and add the alcohol extract (saved alcohol) and stir well.

4. Add the chopped up vanilla bean and a touch of rose hydrosol for flavor.

5. Pour into a jar/bottle and let it sit for at least 2 weeks or longer. The flavor will be at its best after one month.

6. Strain the vanilla bean.

7. For each cup of the damiana liqueur add ½ cup of chocolate syrup, 2-3 drops of almond extract, and a touch more rose hydrosol.

Rosemary Gladstar suggests serving this with rose petals leading to an aromatic and relaxing bath with chocolate covered strawberries. I'm going to add tea lights all over the bathroom (in a safe fire resistant manner) to set the mood and lighting.

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