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In Response to Measles in Michigan.

Baby with Measles image taken from Copyright © 2014 Lowell Georgia / Science Source. All Rights Reserved.

For the Year-to-date of 2017, there are 120 CASES (not deaths) of measles in 15 states, included are California, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Washington and the District of Columbia according to CDC.

Now, People usually start the conversation of: “Well, if those parents of un-vaccinated children would vax their kids we wouldn’t have this problem and it would be eradicated”.

I would like to correct this thinking. Yes, un-vaccinated children under 5 years old are at risk. However, it is not solely children under 5 years old getting this disease. The list includes: un-vaccinated pregnant women and fetuses, all migrants, including those displaced from either countries in conflict or from natural disasters (such as Texas – flooding and Hurricane, Florida – flooding and hurricane just as an FYI), and also any of these groups: any non-immune person which may include a person who was vaccinated but did not develop an immune response, those who travel from Asia and Africa, as it is still prevalent there, and in populations who have malnutrition to especially Vitamin A, according to World Health Organization (WHO).

Measles is a highly contagious disease and when it is spread, it is via coughing, sneezing – which stays infective on surfaces that were sprayed with nasal and oral secretions for up to 2 hours, direct nasal and throat secretions and close human contact, or conditions such as crowding, which are common among homeless and migrants. It is transmissible up until 4 days after the rash breaks out to the surface on the skin, not the mucosa or mouth.

What is the Pathology or what are the signs and symptoms?

  • High fever that lasts about 4-7 days

  • Occurring approximately 10 – 12 days after exposure to the virus, typical viral fevers are high at night and break during the day or vice versa, periods of highs and "normals".

  • Runny nose

  • Cough

  • Red and Watering Eyes

  • Small white Spots inside the cheeks

  • Rash which usually occurs 7-18 days past exposure starting with the face and upper neck, which spreads over the body in about 3 days to reach hands and feet.

image of Koplick's Spots or White Spots in mouth taken from:


The main reason deaths are associated with measles is due to complications, which may include:

  • blindness

  • encephalitis (an infection causing the brain to swell) – one would usually hear a person/child screaming a VERY unusual distressful scream

  • Severe diarrhea related to dehydration

  • Ear infections

  • Severe respiratory infections such as Pneumonia

So what do you do?

For one, during out breaks and when you know there are times of crowding or close contact such as sending your children to school, increase their nutrients, particularly vitamin A. It is so important to feed our children, but it is even more important that their bodies have the right nutrition in order to maintain optimal health.

If, you have a child that is un-vaccinated you have two options vaccinate your child, OR contact your Naturopathic Doctor to make a plan of action on HOW to react when these incidences arise.

Now why would I say Naturopathic Doctor vs. your Pediatrician? For one reason, a Pediatrician is not as well versed in the nutrient, mineral, botanical and homeopathic methods of prevention, nor are they versed in the easy to do home remedies that you as a parent may include in your child’s health and vitality. Some are, but for the industries’ standards they are not.

IF, you cannot maintain the plan of action devised by yourself and your doctor, make that appointment to get your child vaccinated and understand yourself.

To not vaccinate your child means that you are willing to make sure you take precautionary and preventative measures to ensure your child’s health along with those around you.

Not only do you need to remain aware of outbreaks by checking CDC and WHO websites, you also need to make sure the child has the correct nutrients for their bodies to do their jobs AND You as a parent need to be aware of what the disease and pathology look like. Having an un-vaccinated child means you have to be 100% on top of what is occurring in the world around you, not just for what diseases look like but also the conditions which might cause you to uproot your family and go.

It is not for the un-informed, lazy or those who do not know what to do or how to do it, these parents MUST be completely willing to stay home with their child(ren) when they are sick, and/or if there is severe contagious illness in the school system. They must be willing to work with the child and if the child is not willing to work with you, you may need to put your values aside and vaccinate.

The Most important decision and basis is based on your families needs, and knowing yourself , without poor or false judgement and/or fear. Do not vaccinate out of fear, Do not choose to not vaccinate out of fear. If there is fear, put it to rest, and do your research and gather information so that your judgement is clear and free.

Now, for all those parents who went out and vaccinated their children did your doctor tell you that your child needs to remain home for about 2 weeks?

This should be told because in these cases they remain to "shed" the virus as they develop an immune response. What it means to shed a virus is specific to the same ways that they themselves become the people who cough and sneeze and the surfaces, which they sneezed on now become infective for up to 2 hours.

Parents of vaccinated children you have a job as well, as those who cannot become vaccinated, are malnurished, or what ever other reason I am failing to describe at the moment, it is your job to make sure that transmission is not occurring as well. And no, just because you did "your job" of bringing your child to the doctors does not mean you are done doing your job. It also includes staying home for 2 or so weeks so that your child may heal from the injury of vaccination and not be contagious to others. There are many people who appreciate you staying home with your child as they recover vaccinated or un-vaccinated.

So, thank you for your understanding and your contribution to decreasing the incidence of measles.

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