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What is the CURE for Incurable? Holistic Counseling – the experience and the relief

This past weekend, I went to a great seminar. I had a great time, revisiting much of our philosophy that I cherish and deem very true to my intentions of practice of Naturopathic Medicine. In this journey and exploration of education, through the course Holistic Counseling Part 1, and purpose of the course to learn a dialogue that may further the person/client/patient to go deeper into the issue at hand to help discover and resolve the underlying issue or root cause. This particular course is rooted in the fundamental understanding that each one of us has a purpose here, we each have our roles. If, we stray from our roles, our purpose - this is when we may see pathologies in our life. The governing purpose is “I am”. “I am” is the being that guides us on our path, on our path we make choices, which are either for “I am” or against. Every choice that is for I am makes us that much more vital. Every choice that is against I am, is harmful; the stronger the attachment or need to make the choice that is against I am the more pathological it becomes.

So now that we have a very rudimentary understanding of where my mind was this weekend, I feel that I am now able to explore what this meant, and what it means for my patients/clients – but most importantly the people around me seeking their ultimate healing. I have always loved a challenge. Tell me, “you can’t do that.” My general response is “Watch me” or “Yes, I can”. So this, for me, comes directly from my will, or “I am” to empower myself, and that others opinions do not matter or have weight in what I do, so long as the “watch me” is in line with my truth of who I am. Isn’t that a funny statement? So long as, “I am” is my truth of I am? Generally speaking when I state the above, I am meaning that there are people who said that I couldn’t or wouldn’t “make it” and my response to it is, if it is what I want and aligned with the better for all and myself, than sit back and watch, it will happen and generally it has happened with Grace.

Holistic Counseling Part 1 helped each individual in the class to explore underlying issues, and provided each one of us the space and permission to explore the connection between our bodies, minds and our souls – to connect with our oneness and the manifestations, which we subconsciously are asking our bodies to do.

How fantastic! Right? The best part is that this is not just for the person who feels, this is most important for the person who THINKS! So whom can’t this medicine help? There is not ONE person who doesn’t THINK, therefore this medicine - this tool will Help so MANY achieve the goals and feel fulfilled with their purpose and the life lessons they needed to learn in order to fulfill that purpose!

Thank you Dr. Moshe Daniel Block, for providing, sharing, putting forth the effort and conducting this class so that the lessons, dialogue may further help those in need with more minds and hands working together to achieve the oneness and heal our world.

If you are a Natural Practitioner I highly suggest taking this course, It will further your personal understanding of yourself if nothing else, and to understand one’s self is so worth any dollar amount put forward.

If you are interested in exploring this type of medicine, please contact as she is learning and needs to practice or call directly for your appointment 203.693.1932.

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