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All at the Grocery...Digression, Dreaming and Diabetes

This morning, I went grocery shopping. It was 9 a.m. and there was not a crumb in the house - as I got back from a trip the day before. So, Naturally, I spent the day recovering from travel – not doing good motherly and wife “duties”. Thank goodness my kids don’t seem to notice and my husband likes me… and for sure if this were the 1950s - an era where the wife did everything and then some, I would have been fired, if not divorced…

But House duties do not come naturally to me, I have to work at it… I do love to decorate and make a home, just all the details of taking care of one, surpass me.

Back to grocery shopping… As you know, I’m a doctor… I have a different way of thinking than the normal doctor, I believe in the magical, the faeries, the goose, the goblin, you name it, and make a good tale, I would probably believe it and take your story and maybe make it better.

As a doctor, my nature is extremely strong in the philosophy. The philosophy, that if you practice the art, and know the science, then the healing will occur - IF - the person so chooses to.

Over the years, I have learned to stop giving away my love for life and beauty, and hold it for those who truly wish to know its powers. I have learned, from my husband - no less, that one DOES NOT give to those who HAVE and WANT, you give to those who LACK and NEED. We are trained in this society to provide and keep on giving to those of power (money), we look the other way, when it comes to those who really are in need.

I digress again… Back to the grocery. It’s 9 a.m. I’ve been up since 4 a.m. as my little ones each have a cough and are nursing almost 24 hours a day. Needless to say, I’m tired. I’ve slept terrible and am now hungry. I grabbed a coffee, to warm up and wake up. I travel around the bakery section and grab some croissants. After I placed those in the basket, I skim over lovely looking desserts, to my surprise I read a label; my eyes, brain, soul, & body all played a trick on me… It read “DIABETES” . “Hmm”, I said to myself, “that’s true”. It was a package of cupcakes or best muffins (same difference to me).

Diabetes. An interesting pathology. One that has many paths and different types. No disease (even the same disease) is the same in a single person. There are similar attributes but so many different symptoms that occur or are displayed.

I read a book, that looked at how disease is introduced to the body. In my training and philosophy it is the susceptibility of an individual that allows the person to succumb to the disease, their life circumstances, stressors, conditions, genetics, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and inheritances good and bad that form the picture.

Anyways, in this book it stated that Diabetes is the disease of the person who stops dreaming. In many ways this is true. When I think of Type 1 Diabetes (early onset – that normally occurs in childhood) I think of the overbearing parents, the “NO!” parents, and those who had no imagination to begin with. Now that I have had time with the disease (observing it) I notice that the type 1s love people, to make them laugh, see them merry, it brings them joy. As far as a cure – I’m not sure yet – Still devising that one.

Type II Diabetes is usually later onset (adulthood), it is the start of a breakdown of systems, a disease that eats the person, slowly killing them, and every organ system is touched. This particular disease – I have no problem seeing how dreaming is attached here. The wesen, the vis, the vitality, the essence of the person that keeps them here on this earth is slowly dispersing into the ether, their dreams are slowly evaporating into the pain of this world. This pathology hurts. It hurts those who watch, those it affects and those who come after it. It depresses all, and goes undetected, unnoticed for so long that when it is discovered it is hard to come out of it, but not impossible.

Cancer in a similar manner - does this same happening, but people have gotten aggressive about it, and decided that they want to fight the battle to the verge of almost death to see if they make it, and survive, and some miraculously THRIVE.

I say, “OH, HELL NO!”

If, you can’t start enjoying and forgiving yourself – NO one else will and no one else’s opinions matter, these people know it the most.

If, you have a desire to see your family grow and continue to see them thriveyou must also thrive.

If, you identify with anything that I have written thus far… Consider and act now, call 203.963.1932 or email

Love, Peace, Life, Health & Wellness!

Emerald City Health Associates

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