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Ticks and Leaf Litter

It’s fall again! Lyme Beware!!

Keep in mind that as things cool down, leaves change their color, and fall effortlessly to the ground that Lyme Disease is still possible.


Ticks that carry the disease pathogen in their saliva and are known to spread the disease generally hang out in leaf litter and tall grasses. So all those naturalized areas of the yard and in those wonderful paths you hike on may lurk a tick or many.

Please, do not stop going outdoors and doing what you love. Some suggestions include sticking to paths instead of romping through leaves (NO FUN!)... Just take a moment after being outdoors and remove clothing (wash in hot water or if washing is not the proper thing for this time - to throw it into the drier on high heat for 20 minutes); After removing clothing, check your body for unusual bumps, or new freckles/pinpoint dots that were not previously there, followed by a warm soapy shower.

Should you find a tick on your body and it is embedded, remove with tweezers making sure to grab hold of the head and pull in the same direction as the body. DO not use other methods! The reasoning for this is that by using another method you may aggravate the tick or cause it to regurgitate some saliva into your body where the tick was latched – which is the mechanism responsible for the tick dislodging after a meal and transmission of the disease.

If you get a tick bite go to your PCP immediately (within 24 hours) and relate your story. Should you be feeling Lyme symptoms all Dr. Stover at Emerald City Health Associates 203.693.1932 or email at or contact us here at this page.

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