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Self Love, Fall and a Time for introspection.

Years ago, I read a book called Staying Healthy With the Seasons by: Elson Haas it provided a great beginning to the road I would choose to travel. It provided me with this insight: each season has emotions and thoughts that are very healthy to have. And even when it’s not that season, that there is space to allow these feelings and moments in each – just like yin and yang, there is a little of everything in each of us, and it has a balance.

Fall and/or Autumn is a time for introspection, it is a time that plants take their nutrients from their leaves and bring them down to their roots to protect the plant from frost, starvation, and destruction, so where one part appears to have died, there is another part that is thriving, preparing and growing. Life is surrounded by beauty and wonder if we choose to take a moment, acknowledge and ponder it. Life may seem mundane, should we not stop to smell the roses, or kick up the fallen leaves.

Fall is the time to look inward instead of outward – for contemplation, to reserve resources, death or change, and a different type of growth. It is the time we take ourselves to our couches to hide under the blankets of warmth, to cuddle, to read a book, with a hot cup of tea, in the cool air. To keep the windows open, even though we are covered in our warm and “fuzzies”, just to have those last moments of longer days, sunshine coming through the leaves, and the air to fill our nostrils and lungs.

With introspection and contemplation, many of us may experience a sense of sadness or become depressed, these emotions that we deem negative are necessary for change to occur, we must grieve in order to let things, people and places go, so that we can embrace our existence now, to move ahead and blossom come spring, to have self love and care for ourselves; to allow ourselves and others the space and time to heal, contemplate or think about their way of life, to check and see if it matches our deepest most hidden desires – and if it does not than what we must do to change it so that we may feel fulfilled.

If these feelings are overwhelming or you are trying to make sense of them, or perhaps you are looking for other ways to keep fall interesting and healthy, please feel free to make an appointment at Emerald City Health Associates by clicking here or calling 203. 693.1932. Emerald City Health Associates are here to support your health needs.

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